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    Advanced Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss

    I have specialised in weight loss treatments for over 20 years and my work in this area has attracted positive media coverage in the press, and so I’m confident I can help you lose weight and stay slim without the need for dieting.

    My weight loss hypnotherapy programme covers everything from reducing portion sizes, cutting out snacking, eliminating emotional eating, letting go of bingeing behaviours, making better nutritional choices and learning to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    I achieve results with a combination of Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Virtual Gastric Band Therapy, and every client receives a tailor-made programme designed to help them attain their specific weight loss goals.

    Hypnotherapy is the most effective way of transforming the unconscious mind-sets and emotional behaviours which can undermine a person’s good intentions around food and eating. Whether it’s an inability to resist snacking between meals or feeling the need to comfort eat when emotionally stressed, these negative patterns are hard to break without some kind of help. Most clients however, can become free of these negative, self-sabotaging patterns with the help of hypnotherapy.

    Successful long term weight loss is as much about being in a positive mind-set and so able to consistently reach and maintain targets and goals. By integrating NLP coaching techniques into my sessions, I am able to help my clients feel more focused and motivated about their weight loss goals thus ensuring they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight naturally and safely.

    One of the best methods for reducing portion sizes is Virtual Gastric Band Therapy, which uses the power of hypnosis to convince your subconscious mind that you have had real gastric band operation. This technique has become a popular way to enjoy all the benefits of a gastric band operation without any of the health risks or financial burden. The Virtual Gastric Band allows a client to feel fuller more quickly at mealtimes and be satisfied with less food generally.

    So, whatever your weight loss problems are, I’m confident I have the solutions to help you overcome them. Call me now on 07367 660341 for a no charge, no-obligation consultation.

    Paul has a lovely personable energy which immediately puts you – the client, at ease and his perceptive style instantly recognises the best way to work with your specific needs.
    Rashmi Parmar, London
    Paul is a fantastic hypnotherapist and is extremely skilled at using hypnotherapy to help you get into the right mind set to achieve your goals.
    Caroline Ratner, London
    The results I have seen in his patients have been truly breath-taking and I would not hesitate to recommend his treatments.
    Alex Owen, Hertfordshire

    The treatment was pleasant and left me feeling content and buzzy. I’ve been automatically cooking and eating less. Not a single snack has passed my lips. My waistband feels looser and I’ve decided to continue the treatments…

    London Evening Standard

    After two sessions I had lost 6lb and was more focused on eating healthily. I had stopped snacking between meals and had upped my weekly exercise by walking wherever possible.

    Daily Mail
    Great for helping me stay focused on my goal, and keeping me motivated when the going got tough – it certainly helps boost that firm voice in your head that gets you to the gym and gives you the will to calorie-count, and has helped keep me on track.
    Fabric Magazine