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    Client Testimonials

    As a clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner I have over 20 years experience helping clients make positive changes to their lives and I’m confident I can do the same for you.  On this page you can read testimonials from some of the people I have helped.

    Paul has a lovely personable energy which immediately puts you – the client, at ease and his perceptive style instantly recognises the best way to work with your specific needs

    Rashmi Palmer, London

    Whilst seeing Paul I lost on average 2lbs per week, a stone in total in about 7-8 weeks and there’s no way I would have lost this weight without the treatment. The actual treatments obviously had a huge impact on my system, there were times even after only one treatment when I noticed a change in what I reached for in the fridge; and in the longer term, what I fill my trolley with in the supermarket has undoubtedly changed.  I love food – one of the great things with the Hypnotherapy was that I didn’t have to change my eating habits radically: it was more a case of just reigning them in a bit. I would recommend seeing Paul for weight loss absolutely 100%

    Sophie Ball, London

    Before seeing Paul, the world was against me. After seeing Paul, the world is now for me.

    Shabbir Ismail, London

    I was a smoker for 18 years. I have tried to give up every year for the past 4 years and have always succumbed to smoking when drunk or occasionally when stressed. Since seeing Paul I have not felt the need to smoke under any circumstance and feel confident that I will never smoke again. Unlike any other time I have tried to give up smoking I have had a positive feeling and attitude about not only being a non-smoker but also giving up. The positive feeling was peaceful and accepting / embracing the “new me”.

    Devorah Al-Irimi, Marketing Executive

    Paul is a fantastic hypnotherapist and is extremely skilled at using hypnotherapy to help you get into the right mind set to achieve your goals.

    Caroline Ratner, London

    I was nearing a size 24 when I started my treatments, I am now a size 18!  Before, I used to binge/ comfort eat constantly – whole packets of biscuits and worse. I would make huge amounts of food and finish everything in one sitting. But right from the first session my eating habits changed totally. I now eat normal, healthy food. The difference now is that I do not have to stop myself from eating chocolate or bread, I simply don’t want those types of food anymore. I have been in a more positive state of mind during the treatment and a lot happier within myself. I go to the gym regularly and when I can’t get there I take longer walks with the dog. Without hesitation I would recommend Paul to anyone who wishes to lose weight and I will definitely be continuing my sessions to reach my ideal size.

    Danila Gianetto, London

    I feel healthy, happier and fitter.

    John Atkinson, Retired, Chester

    I am stunned at the difference 3 sessions have made to my life. My eating patterns changed dramatically after the second session. Bad food repulsed me and healthy food made me feel alive with a feeling of wellbeing. I am hoping this “feel-good” factor will last and I am hoping to continue with the sessions even though I feel that this is now “me”. All I can say is thank you.

    Angela Nicholls, West Yorkshire

    The results I have seen in his patients have been truly breath-taking and I would not hesitate to recommend his treatments.

    Alex Owen, Hertfordshire

    Paul has really enabled me to relax. The treatment has helped me immensely, I would be lost without it, for sure.

    Chris Petrou, London

    I’ve seen such a major improvement in my ability to lose weight that I would recommend Paul to anyone who has similar problems – it felt so natural.   My sense of well-being has improved dramatically.  I don’t feel so tired after exercising and the weight loss has improved my self-confidence. Before, just walking would make me hot and stressed, but not now.  My moods are better and I don’t feel depressed about my weight anymore.

    Cordelia Sarbah, London

    I came to see Paul with a slightly sceptical yet hopeful outlook on some anxiety issues I have. They are probably not really obvious to others but I knew they were there and holding me back somewhat in work, life, etc. There is no miracle cure but I honestly believe it has been very beneficial in shifting a few issues from the past that were not so obvious. I now look forward to the future with a new-found confidence and think/hope this can only build in years to come.

    Satisfied Customer

    A really effective way to change the eating habits that make losing weight so difficult. I felt it really helped my attitude toward snacking.

    Kathryn Cambell, Admin Assistant, London