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Did you know that one session is all you will need to leave my hypnotherapy clinic as a non-smoker or non-vaper?

Hello, I’m Paul Haynes, a highly experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of clients quit smoking or vaping for good. I offer my services in Chester, Manchester, London and Online via Skype or Zoom.

With over 20 years of experience specializing in hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, I use a combination of Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to make quitting smoking or vaping a straightforward and easy process. I also offer a six-month guarantee so you can feel confident about booking your session with me.

Devorah smiling with a cup of coffee

“I was a smoker for 18 years. I have tried to give up every year for the past 4 years and have always succumbed to smoking when drunk or occasionally when stressed. Since seeing Paul I have not felt the need to smoke under any circumstance and feel confident that I will never smoke again

Devorah A.I. Marketing Executive, London

Advanced Hypnotherapy For Stopping Smoking or Vaping

In just two hours, you can walk out of my therapy room, knowing for certain you will be a non-smoker or non-vaper for the rest of your life.

I am so confident in my methods that I offer six months of free support after your session. This means that if you happen to start smoking or vaping again within that period, you are entitled to a free session to get you back on track.

The habit of smoking

Statistics from research published in The New Scientist show that you are far more likely to be successful in giving up smoking with hypnotherapy than with any other method, including willpower, patches, and gum.

Hypnotherapy succeeds where other methods fail because smoking is essentially a habit that is triggered by your unconscious. Every time you smoke a cigarette, you are reinforcing the link between whatever you are doing at the time and smoking. That unconscious link with smoking can be anything from the time of day, after a meal, whilst making a phone call, the need to have a break etc

This means your unconscious is constantly sending you strong urges and messages to indulge in the habit, especially during situations where you would usually have a cigarette. However, what if you could alter the way your brain perceives smoking? What if you could retrain your mind to break those unconscious links and live a smoke-free life?

The habit of vaping

Vaping has gained popularity as a substitute for smoking in recent years. Many people consider e-cigarettes a safer option. However, although vaping is marketed as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, it has its own risks and dangers that are not widely known by the public.

Vaping can pose a serious threat to lung health. Despite being advertised as less harmful than smoking, the truth is that inhaling the chemicals and particles present in vaping fluids can cause significant damage to the lungs. Recent studies have indicated that vaping can cause inflammation in delicate lung tissue, leading to various respiratory problems and even lung damage.

Now, whether it’s for health concerns or for other reasons that you want to quit vaping, Hypnotherapy and NLP are considered to be some of the most effective and quickest methods for doing just that.  This is because vaping, like smoking, is essentially a habit that is triggered by the unconscious mind. This means it’s very difficult to stop with willpower alone.

How can hypnotherapy help with quitting smoking or vaping?

All of my stop smoking or vaping sessions begin with a lengthy consultation process, during which I will be asking questions about your habit (when, where, and how often, etc) as well as focusing on your reasons for quitting.

The information you give me during the consultation will give me insights into the situations that trigger your habit throughout the day.

During your hypnosis session, I will then use NLP techniques to disrupt those triggers and break their connection with smoking or vaping. 

Your reasons for quitting will also enable me to use hyper-suggestion techniques to amplify and increase your motivation for becoming a non-smoker or non-vaper.

Finally, I utilize another NLP technique to make it incredibly easy to say ‘no’ to any thoughts of smoking or vaping that may arise in your mind.

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For those who have been heavy smokers for a number of years, I normally advise my alternative stop-smoking treatment, which combines hypnosis with ear acupuncture, which you can read about here.

This unique technique, called Hypnopuncture, is excellent for combatting the physical withdrawal from nicotine that can be a challenge for heavy smokers.

But whichever treatment I use to help you stop smoking or vaping, its always done in one session only.  Furthermore I also offer six months guarantee support, which means in the unlikely event you start your smoking or vaping again you can come back for a free treatment to get you back on track.

However, I can honestly say that clients very rarely need to take me up on this offer as the Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques I use are extremely effective.

There is a thorough consultation before the treatment begins to ensure the session is tailor-made for you and your individual situation. The treatment covers all aspects of stopping smoking including any concerns about gaining weight afterwards or replacing smoking with something else.

The treatment works for all kinds of smokers, including those who vape.

If you’re looking for help with stopping smoking or vaping, call me on 07367 660341 for a no-charge, no-obligation consultation.