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Hypnotherapy Services in Chester and Cheshire

Welcome to Sunlight Hypnosis in Chester. I’m Paul Haynes, a clinical hypnotherapist with over 20 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals and improve their mental well-being.

My advanced hypnotherapy sessions can bring rapid results for issues such as anxiety, stress, fears, phobias, habits & addictions, stopping smoking, weight loss and more.

When we go out for a meal now, I find I just leave surplus food on my plate, without even thinking about it really. I just seem to stop eating at a point where I’m satisfied, and I don’t feel guilty about it. It’s pretty amazing, actually. I never would’ve thought I could make these changes so quickly.

Christine Bridge, Chester

Hypnotherapy Sessions in Chester and Cheshire

As an experienced clinical hypnotherapist with over 20 years of practice, I have helped many people make positive changes in their lives.

At Sunlight Hypnosis in Chester you can get help for weight loss, quitting smoking, managing stress and anxiety, building confidence, overcoming fears, or breaking habits.  I am confident that my Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques can help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.

My specialized weight loss hypnotherapy has been featured in the UK press, including the Daily Mail and London Evening Standard.

Additionally, my smoking cessation program is so effective that I offer 6 months of free support.

Moreover, I can help you eradicate phobias and habits in just a couple of sessions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy in Chester

I have been using clinical hypnotherapy techniques in my practice since 2002, and historically, hypnosis has been used in a clinical setting since the late nineteenth century.

Hypnosis is primarily based on a state of mind we call ‘suggestibility’. What this means is that a person can be guided into a heightened state of receptiveness to instruction and suggestion by a hypnotist, a state known as the hypnotic trance.

Everyone can go into this trance to some degree or other, and it happens when our ‘critical faculty’ relaxes into the background of our awareness.

The ‘critical faculty’ is that part of our mind that is awake, aware, and constantly deciding what is and isn’t true in our environment. It relaxes naturally when we watch a good movie, so we start to believe in the story being told on the screen, even though it isn’t true.

This is an example of ‘suggestibility’ – we accept something as true, even though it really isn’t.

A similar process occurs during hypnosis. My skill as a hypnotherapist enables me to ‘turn down the volume’ of a client’s critical faculty, allowing them to relax and be guided into a hypnotic trance. 

I can then proceed to give further positive suggestions to the client’s subconscious, often embedded in short stories which are meaningful to the client’s situation or issue.

This process, repeated over several sessions, helps the client’s subconscious mind accept and integrate a new way of seeing itself and the world by letting go of negative thought patterns and healing old wounds and memories.

It is also known that with the repetition of positive suggestions, the subconscious mind can learn to change it’s behavioural responses to be more congruent with a client’s conscious desires and goals.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a subtle yet powerful method for improving mental well-being and overcoming psychological issues such as anxiety, fears, trauma, stress, insomnia and many others.  It can also help with many aspects of weight loss and help improve self-confidence.

Advanced Hypnotherapy in Chester demonstrated by Wordmap for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Advanced Hypnotherapy in Chester

Clinical Hypnotherapy works well when combined with other techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Fast Phobia Cure, Regression and Parts Therapy. 

When used together in a carefully selected way, these Advanced Hypnotherapy methods can help achieve faster and more successful results for specific issues such as fears, phobias, PTSD, breaking bad habits, stopping smoking and weight loss.

Since every individual is unique, having a wide range of tools and methods to work with allows me to choose the most suitable approach to help clients resolve their issues or achieve their goals in the most effective way possible.

Having worked in this way since 2008, I am now highly skilled at assessing each individual’s needs and devising a treatment plan to address their issues. 

Over the last twenty or so years, I have helped people with emotional issues and unwanted behaviours such as anxiety disorders, phobias, fear of public speaking, fear of flying, habits, weight loss, stopping smoking, post-traumatic stress, grief, relationship issues, eating disorders, insomnia, addictions and many, many others too numerous to list here.

Hypnopuncture in Chester

This is a therapy which combines Hypnotherapy and Ear Acupuncture and is very popular with clients wanting help with weight loss, heavy smokers needing to quit and those who are seeking support whilst undergoing treatment for addictive behaviours.

For more information about Hypnopuncture and how it works you can read more here. 

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Sunlight Hypnosis in Chester

If you live in Chester or the Cheshire area, sessions are available during the week at the Sunlight Hypnosis Clinic, 2 Regents Court, Chester, CH4 8JT.

Fees and Payment

My standard one-hour clinic session is £60

For those who want to quit smoking or vaping, I offer a two-hour clinic session at a cost of £150


Cancellation Policy

I understand that sometimes unexpected events can arise, which is why I ask for a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment. However, if you fail to provide sufficient notice, you may be charged the full session fee.