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    Frequently Asked Hypnotherapy & NLP Questions

    Hypnosis and NLP are established forms of therapy. However, some people are unsure about what hypnosis is and how it works. In this section I answer some of the frequently asked questions about hypnosis and NLP.

    Many people wonder if they can be hypnotised, and the answer is generally yes. A hypnotherapist cannot force anyone into hypnosis against their will, but as long as you are willing to follow instructions and can concentrate, you should be able to be hypnotised. In fact, most people can enter into a state of hypnosis quite easily and find it a most enjoyable experience.

    Hypnosis is not a form of sleep. You will have your eyes closed and you will be in a relaxed trance. But, you will be aware that you are in hypnosis and will be able to hear my voice at all times.

    You cannot made to do anything against your will or say anything you don’t want to tell me when you are in hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is about working together to help resolve your issues.

    No it is impossible to get stuck in hypnosis. You can come out of hypnosis at any time if you wish to.

    Yes you will be able to drive home or go back to work after hypnosis. Once the session is over you will be completely awake and aware and able to go about your normal business.

    NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and is often used alongside hypnotherapy to help change a person’s negative beliefs and behaviours very quickly. It is a powerful tool for personal growth and can help people achieve their goals more easily by changing the way they think and feel about the world and themselves.

    I normally see clients for 3-6 sessions, however some people occasionally need more and for stopping smoking it is one session only. During your first consultation I will discuss with you how many sessions you may need so that you are happy with the commitment you are making.

    Paul has a lovely personable energy which immediately puts you – the client, at ease and his perceptive style instantly recognises the best way to work with your specific needs.
    Rashmi Parmar, London
    Paul is a fantastic hypnotherapist and is extremely skilled at using hypnotherapy to help you get into the right mind set to achieve your goals.
    Caroline Ratner, London
    The results I have seen in his patients have been truly breath-taking and I would not hesitate to recommend his treatments.
    Alex Owen, Hertfordshire

    The treatment was pleasant and left me feeling content and buzzy. I’ve been automatically cooking and eating less. Not a single snack has passed my lips. My waistband feels looser and I’ve decided to continue the treatments…

    London Evening Standard

    After two sessions I had lost 6lb and was more focused on eating healthily. I had stopped snacking between meals and had upped my weekly exercise by walking wherever possible.

    Daily Mail
    Great for helping me stay focused on my goal, and keeping me motivated when the going got tough – it certainly helps boost that firm voice in your head that gets you to the gym and gives you the will to calorie-count, and has helped keep me on track.
    Fabric Magazine