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    Advanced Hypnotherapy For Help With Stress & Anxiety

    Stress and anxiety are common experiences for most of us in our daily lives, but sometimes they can become chronic and debilitating conditions that overwhelm us and limit our ability to enjoy life and fulfil our potential.

    Stress is often called “the silent killer” which refers to the way that chronic and long-term stress can put a major strain on our minds and bodies and cause a gradual and insidious deterioration in our health.

    Hypnotherapy is the ideal therapy for relieving stress and helping you to cope with the pressures of a busy life. I use Advanced Hypnotherapy techniques which enable me to work on the cause of stress as well as give clients rapid relief from their symptoms.

    Anxiety disorders– social anxiety, performance anxiety, generalised anxiety, phobias and panic attacks, can all be treated effectively with hypnotherapy.

    By leading you into a calm state of mind during hypnosis, I can help you understand where any anxiety is coming from and retrain your subconscious to let go of the anxiety and replace it with feelings of relaxed alertness and centredness.

    A short programme of NLP can also give you psychological tools and techniques to deal more effectively with the people, situations and triggers which are causing you anxiety and stress.

    If you would like to be free of anxiety or stress then call me on 07367 660341 for a no charge, no-obligation consultation.

    Paul has a lovely personable energy which immediately puts you – the client, at ease and his perceptive style instantly recognises the best way to work with your specific needs.
    Rashmi Parmar, London
    Paul is a fantastic hypnotherapist and is extremely skilled at using hypnotherapy to help you get into the right mind set to achieve your goals.
    Caroline Ratner, London
    The results I have seen in his patients have been truly breath-taking and I would not hesitate to recommend his treatments.
    Alex Owen, Hertfordshire

    The treatment was pleasant and left me feeling content and buzzy. I’ve been automatically cooking and eating less. Not a single snack has passed my lips. My waistband feels looser and I’ve decided to continue the treatments…

    London Evening Standard

    After two sessions I had lost 6lb and was more focused on eating healthily. I had stopped snacking between meals and had upped my weekly exercise by walking wherever possible.

    Daily Mail
    Great for helping me stay focused on my goal, and keeping me motivated when the going got tough – it certainly helps boost that firm voice in your head that gets you to the gym and gives you the will to calorie-count, and has helped keep me on track.
    Fabric Magazine