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Sunlight Hypnosis Weight Loss Treatments

Most people who want to lose weight know exactly what they need to do but seem to lack the willpower and self-control needed to achieve it. Effective weight loss is about the ability to control eating patterns and being able to say “no” to eating certain kinds of foods.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is the most effective way of helping you have more self-control about the food you eat and when you eat it, and will enable you to stop snacking between meal times and make healthier nutritional choices.

"I am stunned at the difference 3 sessions have made to my eating patterns. All I can say is thank you" ~ Angela Nicholls

Exercise is also an important part of any weight loss programme, but for many of people exercising regularly is a challenge. Hypnotherapy and NLP can give you the positive boost in motivation you may need to start exercising regularly.

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly popular as an effective way to lose weight and using hypnosis for weight loss has been endorsed by the British and American Medical Associations in recent years.

It is now understood that our eating patterns are conditioned into us from childhood which makes it difficult to change them later in life. But by using hypnosis and NLP this conditioning can be overcome and modified in a positive way, thus making it easier to be more in control of our nutritional choices.

My weight loss hypnosis programme is designed to help you make all the changes necessary to lose weight over the long term and is ideal for those who are frustrated with only the short term gains that fad diets and expensive supplements sometimes bring.

How many Weight Loss Hypnosis sessions will I need?

Most clients will see positive benefits within 3 sessions. I normally recommend up to 6 sessions in all over a period of 2 - 3 months to ensure long term weight loss.

To book a treatment for Weight Loss Hypnosis, or to discuss further how we can help you lose weight

Please call Paul onn07528646923 or email to info@sunlighthypnosis.co.uk


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