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Client Feedback

"Paul has a lovely personable energy which immediately puts you - the client, at ease and his perceptive style instantly recognises the best way to work with your specific needs" Rashmi Parmar, London

"The results I have seen in his patients have been truly breathtaking and I would not hesitate to recommend his treatments." Alex Owen, Herts

"Paul is a fantastic hypnotherapist and is extremely skilled at using hypnotherapy to help you get into the right mind set to achieve your goals." Caroline Ratner, London

"I am stunned at the difference 3 sessions have made to my life. My eating patterns changed dramatically after the second session. Bad food repulsed me and healthy food made me feel alive with a feeling of wellbeing. I am hoping this "feel-good" factor will last and I am hoping to continue with the sessions even though I feel that this is now "me". All I can say is thank you." Angela Nicholls, West Yorkshire

"I feel healthy, happier and fitter." John Atkinson, Retired, Manchester

"Paul has really enabled me to relax. The treatment has helped me immensely, I would be lost without it, for sure." Chris Petrou, West Yorkshire

"Before seeing Paul, the world was against me. After seeing Paul the world is now for me." Shabbir Ismail, London

"I came to see Paul with a slightly skeptical yet hopeful outlook on some anxiety issues I have. They are probably not really obvious to others but I knew they were there and holding me back somewhat in work, life, etc. There is no miracle cure but I honestly believe it has been very beneficial in shifting a few issues from the past that were not so obvious. I now look forward to the future with a new-found confidence and think/hope this can only build in years to come." Satisfied Customer.

"I have used Hypnotherapy to control my eating habits. Thus far I feel far more in control of what and how I eat. I no longer have feelings of resentment when I don't allow myself to eat something unhealthy. I am hoping to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight and am confident that I will achieve this in a realistic and healthy timeframe without feeling like I am missing out!" Kerry Jenkins, Manchester


Please call Paul onn07528646923 or email to info@sunlighthypnosis.co.uk



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