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Stopping Smoking

Sunlight Hypnosis Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy program has an extremely high success rate, and this enables me to offer you six months support for free after your session. So in the unlikely event you were to begin smoking again within the support period, you would be entitled to free treatment to get you back on track.

Needless to say though, clients very rarely have to take me up on this offer, because as I said, my stopping smoking treatment is very successful.

Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking

Statistics from research published in the New Scientist show that you are far more likely to be successful in giving up smoking with hypnotherapy than with any other method, including will power, patches and gum.

Hypnotherapy succeeds where other methods fail because smoking is essentially a habit which is triggered by your unconscious. Every time you smoke a cigarette you are reinforcing the link between whatever you are doing at the time and smoking. That unconscious link with smoking can be anything from the time of day, after a meal, whilst making a phone call, the need to have a break etc

This means that when you try to give up on your own you are in a constant battle with your subconscious, because each time one of those situations arises when you would normally have a cigarette. your unconscious is sending you powerful urges and messages to smoke one.

With Hypnotherapy and NLP, stopping smoking is easy because those unconscious links with smoking are broken so that you end up going through the day without even thinking about having a cigarette.

How many sessions will you need?

Just ONE session is all you need to stop smoking. I have been specialising in hypnotherapy for smoking cessation  for over 10 years and I use a combination of Advanced Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques which have been developed to make stopping smoking quick and easy.

So if you are really committed to giving up smoking please give me a call and take the first step to becoming a non-smoker.

Please call Paul onn07528646923 or email to info@sunlighthypnosis.co.uk


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