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Fears, Phobias & Hypnotherapy

Fears and Phobias

A phobia is an irrational and uncontrollable fear of a thing or situation and there are literally hundreds of different kinds of phobias, all with their own name. Common examples of phobias are - arachnophobia (spiders), ophidophobia (snakes), acrophobia (heights), cynophobia (dogs), astraphobia (thunder and lightning).

Fears such as the fear of flying, are less irrational than phobias because there is an understandable reason for the fear to be there, however in many people these kinds of fears can often be overwhelming and become very problematic.

Fears and phobias cannot be controlled with your conscious mind or your reason ie you cannot just decide to not be afraid when confronted by your phobia or fear. This is because fears and phobias originate in the unconscious which means they cannot be controlled by reason and there is often no knowledge or memory for their cause.

How can Hypnosis and NLP help?

To cure or relieve a phobia or fear one needs to be able to gain access to and modify the unconscious and this is why hypnosis and NLP are so effective for this because these methods bypass your conscious mind and so go straight to the cause of the problem – your subconscious.

One of the functions of your subconscious mind is to protect you from danger, but sometimes this protecting mechanism can become over-sensitive or over-protective and when this happens you experience irrational fears or intense and debilitating fears which are beyond your control.

With Hypnosis & NLP I am able to reset this protective mechanism and desensitize you to particular fear or phobia.

How many sessions does a cure require?

Many phobias can be cured with just 3 or 4 sessions of Hypnotherapy & NLP.

To book a treatment for help with Fear or Phobia, or to discuss further how Hypnotherapy & NLP can help you

Please call Paul onn07528646923 or email to info@sunlighthypnosis.co.uk



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